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My Ever-Changing Classroom

I am teaching Kindergarten this year and it has been a month already. In this month, I have rearranged my classroom a total of 4 times. Moving centres around to different locations based on the traffic in the classroom. But I think I have finally found the perfect spot to put things where I like. Although I am sure I will move something else around :)

Below is my main carpet area. A brand new white board easel was given to me so I have set that up. I will have to move it up a little bit so the chart paper fits. The wooden easel you see on the left side of the picture is now gone. It is resting in storage. I also got a brand new shelf that is on the left with the blue bins. I was so excited about those. That shelf is full of math manipulatives. I will be taking pictures of what I have and making a post about the Math Centre sometime soon too. 

Here is what my room looks like from the rocking chair point of view. I have floor toys in those areas under that big counter. I have tables on the right side of the picture. In the middle of the room I have the paint easel.

This is my cute little reading area. A few kids fall asleep here but the children are in love with my cushions and my stuffed toys. I got those from thrift stores for fantastic deals! 

Here is my dramatic centre. Right now I have a home centre going on. Thinking about changing it up in a few days. For now I have puppets, babies in a crib, a baby centre which has a diaper changing table and a shower area (I scored this from a thrift store for 6.50!!), the kitchen set and a dining table.

Here I have kept a little construction/tool site, big blocks bin (in which I have recyclable cones) and the sand box on the side. The area looks empty right now but with 26 children in the classroom, it gets BUSY!

Last to show right now is my messy desk. It is NEVER clean. Unless a supply teacher needs to come in. Then, I may tidy things up just a little bit.

I still need to start some crafts and put them up on the many bulletin boards that I have. I also bought a typewriter that I am going to put next to the computer (right after I put an organizer shelf on the back counter!!) I will post more picture later on (close-ups) as the days go by. Keep posted! And thanks for reading!

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