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Moosetache - Shoebox Storytelling Technique


Here I am with another storytelling technique. I love this book! It is a bit long for the younger age group but with the story box technique, the children will be on their toes waiting for the next page! I used the book MOOSETACHE by Margie Palatini.

I used the shoebox technique for this book. I took a shoebox, covered it with tissue paper of bright colour and then put shiny gift wrap on it. You can choose to decorate it any way you want. Gift wrapping, newspaper, tissue paper, etc. Whatever you think will suit the book well. I then wrote the name of the book and the author so I am able to find it easily.

The mustache I made on my own because I was unable to find the right kind I needed. From the dollar store, I bought a ponytail wig and separated it in the middle with clear tape. I also stuck on masking tape at the back and believe it or not, I put the mustache on while I am telling the story (I become the character so to speak). 

On the inside of the lid, I wrote down all the materials I will be using according to chronological order. On the inside of the box I kept all the materials I would be using. 

I used clothespins with the materials. I just taped it around the item.

As I tell the story, I put the materials with the clothespins around the box. This technique is fast and easy to use once you have all the materials. The children love it and it moves away from the traditional reading of a story. 

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