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List of Books - Infants

Babies are masters at one thing: putting everything in their mouth. This is because they use their taste senses to get a feel of everything. If it doesn't taste bad, it is heaven! 

Books need to be full of different textures that infants can touch, smell, see, hear and of course do the taste test. Most baby books are made out of cloth because they can be easily washed. Usually, every page consists of bright colors to see, something they can feel (different fabrics/papers/sealed liquids), something they can hear (rattles/bells/squishy sounds), something (quite rare) they can smell. 

A lot of cloth books are created by the company Lamaze and can be found at baby stores, Toys-R-Us and Walmart. 

Here is a list of books that are great for infants to read to. These titles are not always found in cloth-form; only board style. Make sure your babies don't put these in their mouth for a taste test!

Animal Crackers - by Nancy Dyer
Baby Faces - by Margaret Miller
Baby! Talk! - by Penny Gentieu
Big Fat Hen - by Keith Baker
Bounce Bounce Bounce - by Kathy Henderson
Clap Hands - by Helen Oxenbury
First Steps - by Lee Wardlaw
How a Baby Grows - by Nola Buck
Hush Little Baby - by Sylvia Long
I See - by Rachel Isadora
Itsy Bitsy Spider - by Iza Trapani
Moo, Baa, La La La! - by Sandra Boynton
Mother Goose Magic - by Kay Chorao
Nighty-Nighty - by Dawn Apperley
Of Colors and Things - by Tana Hoban
Pat the Bunny - by Dorothy Kunhardt
Pickle and the Box - by Lynn Breeze
Sleepytime Rhyme - by Remy Charlip
What's on My Head? - by Margaret Miller
Who Says Moo? - by Ruth Young
Yellow Hat, Red Hat - by Basia Bogdanowicz

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